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De-watering pumps are centrifugal submersible pumps used to remove unwanted water from buildings, commercial sites, construction sites, food processing plants, industry, mines, tunnels & water supply, and water treatment plants. The pump is sized dependent on the volume of water to be transferred and how fast the pump needs to de-water.


Submersible wastewater pumps, which are also known as drainage pumps, stormwater pumps or sewage pumps, are typically used across many industries and many applications, whether in a commercial building, industrial or process plant or rainwater re-use.

A comprehensive range of submersible pumps available with closed impellers, single channel impellers, cutters, grinder or vortex impellers, the correct submersible pump is sized to suit the transfer of grey water, rainwater, stormwater, sewage, or trade waste.


Submersible borehole pumps are centrifugal, multi-stage pumps designed for the transfer of groundwater from a bore or water from a tank. The pump can be installed in a vertical or horizontal nature (in a tank) and used for multiple applications and industries including mining, municipal, petrochemical and rainwater reticulation. Available in a range of sizes from 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” & 10”, the pump sizing and accessories is selected according to client’s application and requirements.

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