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Call Doyle Pump Experts
+61 3 9587 2152

About Doyle Pump & Engineering Pty Ltd

Doyle Pump and Engineering has been operating for nearing 50 years and is experienced in all areas of pump technology and pumping applications.

Since 1974, Doyle Pump & Engineering Pty Ltd has serviced the Australian and Overseas Industrial and Commercial industries and built an impressive reputation as being an independent, long-established pump and engineering specialist, providing pump consultancy, pump sales and service.  The company started as a specialist pump repairer servicing general industry, food and beverage and the wastewater industry and over this time gained extensive experience in all areas of pump application, pump engineering and servicing whilst building a reputation for providing sound advice, service and quality workmanship.

Today, Doyle Pump & Engineering operates as trusted and a multi-facet provider of pump sales and ancillaries, specialised pump hire and pump consultancy offering a comprehensive service of pumping applications, engineered solutions and workshop repairs.

Pump Consultants & Advice

At Doyle Pump & Engineering we specialise in providing an engineered solution to difficult and odd ball applications. 

Whether we design a pump set for pumping substances such as liquid sugars, molasses, honey, grout, blood, glue, slurry, canola oil, waste, glycerine, whole fruits, whole eggs, live fish or any other product or “just water”, the process starts with a consultation and collaborative discussion with you.

We welcome your enquiry and invite you to discuss your needs without obligation. We apply our extensive experience to all applications, repairs, and re-engineering of pumps and associated equipment and offer fit for purpose and environmentally sound engineered pump solutions. We pride ourselves on being an independent pump solutions provider.  Being independent means, we can supply the best equipment for the application rather than one brand fits all, which we see all too often.

Quality Workmanship & Expertise

Doyle Pump & Engineering provide specialist pump engineering services to end users, corporate clients throughout Australia and Overseas.

With a fully equipped in house machining and fabrication facilities, Doyle Pump & Engineering offers total rebuilds, programmed maintenance and refurbishment services within our own engineering workshop or onsite.

Whether your needs are for new equipment, onsite repairs, warranted rebuilt pump sets or repair to existing pump sets to ‘new life’ standard, we stand-by the quality of our workmanship and expertise.

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