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+61 3 9587 2152
With full in-house engineering capabilities and specialised technical & application knowledge, Doyle Pump & Engineering will size, select, supply quality and reliable water supply pump sets to service industries such as Commercial Buildings, Councils, Industrial plants, and other markets requiring automated water pressure boosting, high pressure washdown or general water supply. We pride ourselves on being independent and apply our extensive experience to all pumping applications. Every water supply application varies, depending on the load profile and pumping requirements, therefore with a comprehensive pump range supply of multiple brands, including (but not limited to), DAB, Ebara, Grundfos, KSB, Lowara, Wilo at Doyle Pump & Engineering, we will size and select the best solution for your water supply requirements. We understand energy consumption profile savings and welcome a discussion with you.

Southern Cross Cooling Water Booster Systems

Calpeda GQR-Submersible Drainage Pump
Grundfos Packaged Pressure System
KSB Booster system
Lowara Multipump Package Pumpset
Southern Cross 2 x 45kW Booster Pump Set
Southern Cross Cooling Boosters
Southern Cross Cooling Water Booster Pump Set
Triplex Water Booster Pump Set

Dab Twin Booster Constant Pressure Pumps

Dab Twin Booster Constant Pressure Pumpset

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