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Call Doyle Pump Experts
+61 3 9587 2152

At Doyle Pump & Engineering we specialise in providing an engineered solution to difficult and odd ball applications.

With a fully equipped in house machining and fabrication facilities, Doyle Pump & Engineering prides itself in our ability to design and manufacture customised pump components and full complete pump sets.

Weather we design a pump set for pumping substances such as blood, canola oil, glue, glycerine, grout, honey, liquid sugars, molasses, slurry, live fish, multiple waste streams, water, whole fruits & vegetables, wine or any other product, the process starts with a consultation and collaborative discussion with you.

We welcome your enquiry and invite you to discuss your needs without obligation.

Custom Sheet Metal

Bulk Sugar Unload skid mounted pumpset
Closed coupled to high speed hydraulic drive
CSF-custom pumpset pumping canola oil
Dairy Pump-Helical Rotor overmount with mechanical speed variator
Diesel Driven Sydex (Aquaculture Farming)
Diesel driven horizontal vertical multi-stage pump set
Dosing-SS Helical Rotor with gear reducer & onboard VFD
Electric Dresser Air blower pumpset
Engine Driven Helical Rotor Pump (oil collection unit)
EXD -Diesel – Flue Gear Supply Pumps
food processing special pump-Grundfos MGE adapted reduction box Novalobe electropolished 316ss
Gorman Rupp – Over under driven self primer
Gorman Rupp-Silent Pack Disel Driven Pump Set
GVR Diesel Fuel transfer Pump Set
GVR pumps for diesel transfer
Inoxpa – Sanitary – Centrifugal – adapted to electric start petrol engine
Mobile SS Helical Rotor Pump set
Mobile Sydex – Turbo Wash Machine
Portable Diaphragm pump
Reconditioned SS Helical Rotor Mobile Pump sets
Retrofit – existing – centreline
Roper Pump
Roto pump with hydraulic drive
Sanitary Multistage Pump with Self drain stand
seawater ship – fire protectionl
Small-engine-driven-PD waste oil pick up pump
SS petrol driven pumping fish guts
Sydex pump with hopper
Sydex Pumpset

Sydex – custom food pump

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