Call Doyle Pump Experts +61 3 9587 2152

Call Doyle Pump Experts
+61 3 9587 2152

With nearing 50 years in servicing Manufacturing, Chemical, Marine, Mine/Quarry, Process & other General Industries, Doyle & Pump Engineering imparts a high level of Industry knowledge and expertise in the supply of pump products, system analysis, service and engineered pump solutions.

When sizing and selecting a pump to transfer varying fluids & liquids, whether it be viscous or corrosive, ‘clean’ water or suspended solids in water or wastewater, at Doyle’s, we understand the importance of your process running efficiently and supply the correct pump equipment for your application.

We welcome your enquiry and invite you to discuss your needs without obligation.

Sydex Pumps

Sydex Dosing Pump for general industry, water treatment or chemical pumping

Belt Press Pump 

Sydex Macerating Helical rotor pump
Sydex Sludge Progressing Cavity Pump for industry waste oil

Quarry Service Water Pumps

Ebara-316 SS Motor Pumps – Industrial Application
Fluimac Marine Industry
Fluimac Paint & Coatings Industry
Cooling water supply pumps
Fluimac pumping chemicals
Fluimac pumping liquid fertilizer
Fluimac Steel industry pump
Fluimac water treatment pumping
Gorman Rupp Selfprimer Potato processing
Grundfos basedup Pumpset water transfer
GVR Gear Pumps Long coupled for pumping Tallow
Iwaki Mag Drive Chemical Pump with Flameproof EXD Motor
KSB Water transfer potato processing
Pneumatically Operated batch control system Agriculture
Fluimac pumping adhesives & glues
Sydex Custom Site Investigation Drill Rig Mud Pump
sydex K range industry close coupled progressing cavity pumps
Sydex FMS complete with VFD
Sydex G range highly viscous fluid processing pump
Sydex Sludge transfer pump
Sydex-Fish and Chip Fryer Oil Pick Up Pump
Sydex-water-supply custom pump sets
Sydex water supply Mechanical Variable Speed Drive Units

Southern Cross SD Submersible Bore Hole Pumps

Taiko Power Generation Diesel Supply Gear Pumps
Sydex LK Customised Engineered Solution-Pumping fish waste
Wilden Diaphragm

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