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About Sydex

Doyle Pump & Engineering is the exclusive distributor of Sydex Pumps. Established in Italy, Sydex is one of the leading innovative manufactures of a wide range of cutting edge, high-quality positive displacement pumps (also known has helical rotor pumps, progressing cavity pumps or simply as PC pumps), grinders and macerators.

Serving Industries

Sydex supplies a cost-efficient wine pump solution. Sydex offers a comprehensive range of specialty positive displacement pumps and reliable products and has earned an esteemed reputation as the ideal pumping solution for some of the harshest pumping applications. Serving industries such as biogas, bio-pharmaceutical, food & beverage, general industry, marine, mining, oil & gas, and wastewater treatment, pumps are available in a variety of materials and components.

Types of pumps

Progressing Cavity Pump range include:

  • Biogas Progressing Cavity Pumps- Bio-G range,
  • Compact Progressing Cavity Pumps- FM range,
  • Feeding Screw Progressing Cavity Pumps- G range,
  • Hopper Progressing Cavity Pumps- W range,
  • Hygienic Progressing Cavity Pumps- H range,
  • Metering Progressing Cavity Pumps- M range,
  • Mobile Hopper Progressing Cavity Pumps- WL range,
  • Sludge Progressing Cavity Pumps- K range,
  • Vertical API 676 Progressing Cavity Pumps – E range,
  • Vertical Barrel and Drum Progressing Cavity Pumps- BE range.


And there’s more:

  • Eliminator Macerator Pumps – PC Pump incorporating a macerator,
  • Industrial Grinder Pumps – Defender range

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