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About NOV

Nov is the parent company of Mono and Moyno brands. Both brands offer the industry solutions in progressing cavity pumps and pump parts and provide an extensive product range suitable for the pumping of fluids in a range of industries including wastewater, chemical, food & beverage, paper, mining, marine and gas.

Types of pumps

NOV Mono manufacturers a range of rotary lobe pumps, grinders, screens, and packaged pump systems, specifically designed for the wastewater industry.

Some of the products offered by NOV include:

  • Small Pumps – Mag Drive Pumps & Utility Pumps,
  • Large Pumps- Compact C, 2000 Series, L Frame Pumps, Esilon/Vertical Pumps,
  •  EZstrip Family of Pumps – EZstrip Hose Pump, EZstrip Transfer Pump, EZstrip Cake Pump, EZstrip TR Muncher,
  • Grinders & Screens- Series A, Discam,
  • Hygienic & Sanitary Pumps- Hygienic Pump, 500 Sanitary Pumps, AugMentor, Chopper Hopper, Sanitary Pumps.

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