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About Calpeda

Calpeda is a long-established pump company manufacturing high technology pumps and pump systems for a wide range of uses – agricultural and irrigation applications, industrial and manufacturing applications, domestic & commercial building services, ground water supply, heating and air conditioning, swimming pools and spa baths and wastewater and sewage applications.

Range of Pumps

With an extensive portfolio of pumps over 2000 models from 0.5kW to 200kW, 50Hz & 60Hz, Calpeda offers a range of products including: 

  • Circulating pumps,
  • Electronic devices & control panels,
  • Multistage pumps,
  • Peripheral & gear pumps,
  • Pressure Boosting,
  • Self-priming pumps,
  • Single & Twin impeller centrifugal pumps,
  • Submersible drainage & sewage pumps,
  • Submersible, borehole & immersion pumps

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