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About Alfa Laval Pumps

Alfa Laval manufactures a range of fit for purpose centrifugal pumps, circumferential piston pumps & rotary lobe pumps for fluid transfer in areas of marine and food and water. Alfa Laval centrifugal pumps raise product quality and process productivity for hygienic applications. Choose standard pumps for general product transfer duties or pumps for evaporation, high-pressure, self-priming, CIP return, and high-purity duties. 

Easy Maintenance

AIfa Laval circumferential piston pumps deliver the perfect balance of high efficiency, superior hygienic performance, and easy maintenance. These positive displacement pumps handle low-viscosity liquids that require medium to high discharge pressures with ease. Capable of being cleaned in place, the pumps are perfect for use in hygienic applications across the dairy, food, beverage, confectionery, and home-personal care industries. For sterile pump operation, aseptic versions are available.   


Alfa Laval rotary lobe pump for reliable performance and gentle pumping action of low, medium, and high-viscosity media. Robust construction, modular design and flexible configuration enhance process flexibility and operational reliability.

High-precision rotors and low-shear operation make these pumps ideal for handling sensitive process fluids in general, hygienic, and high-purity applications across the dairy, food, beverage, personal care, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

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