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Equipment Supplied: 

26 Sydex Positive displacement pumps fitted with tropic proof motors, Bonfiglioli mechanical speed variators mounted onto 316 stainless steel baseplates.

Doyle Pump & Engineering were commissioned to attend a remote site for an onsite consultation for the essential water supply of 22 water gallery pumps. The client’s brief included a requirement for regular and consistent clean potable water supply, improved efficiencies and savings in water consumption whilst protecting the scarcity of the water resource, and reduced maintenance requirements.

As part of the consultation, Doyle Pump & Engineering provided a detailed report & assessment that included pump and system diagnostics and efficiencies, with a proposal to provide engineering design, supply new equipment, and training & on-site commissioning.

Before: Poor Pipe Work & Pump Gallery Design

The Situation

All galleries were found to be in poor condition and had little to no maintenance, systems were of poor design, in both mechanical and hydraulic design, whilst electrics did not fare much better. It was obvious that none of the existing equipment had been supplied with the harsh tropical environment in mind, i.e. all equipment was extremely rusty whilst the motors were not tropic proof. In many cases installation was NOT done in accordance with best practice, leaving high points which can induce air locks and was generally a poor installation.

The Recommendations & Solutions

  • Redesign of gallery pumps & recommended all equipment to be supplied for the intended application, suitable for the harsh tropical environment.
  • Replace all internal pipe work in accordance with good engineering practice, replace controls and include improved pump and motor protection.
  • Pump sets to be supplied mounted on 316 S/S base plates, which ensured long life thus simplifying maintenance.
  • We recommended the pumps be installed as duty/standby system due to the critical nature of the application, i.e. water supply.

After: New Sydex Water Gallery Pump

The Outcome

Doyle Pump & Engineering supplied 26 Sydex positive displacement pumps mounted on 316 S/S baseplates fitted with tropic proof motors and mechanical speed variators. Sydex offers a comprehensive range of specialty positive displacement pumps and has earned an esteemed reputation as the ideal pumping solution for some of the harshest pumping applications. The client gained the benefits of updated and well designed modern equipment and flow on savings and reliability, and consistent potable drinking water with no risk for the water galleries being contaminated or compromised with sea water.

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